Kamala Harris is a 12-stepper

I would not vote for Kamala Harris. She ignored my complaints about the 12-step industry when I lived in Oakland. I went to food banks giving out rotten food and collected unemployment to survive while the ‘program’ collected Medicaid money for ‘treating’ me, which meant systematically ignoring all of my serious concerns about the 12-step fraud going on in both California and New York at the time. I specifically asked to talk to her, after looking up who might be a representative and who might fight for my interests….and there was no response. To see her promoting these programs which did not help me or anybody else is surreal.

My responses to her thoughts on this:


Ensuring that people have access to these services throughout their lives is an important step in reducing suicide deaths.

These programs made me want to kill myself. The 12-step programs tell people that they are powerless, insane, defective, dishonest, selfish, and don’t have a good relationship with God. If the program doesn’t help you, it is said that you are “constitutionally incapable of being honest…and seem to have been born that way”.

How much money you have should never dictate the quality of care you receive in this country. Under my Medicare for All plan, every American will have access to comprehensive health care that includes mental health and substance abuse services.

I initially was not on Medicaid, but only sought out addiction treatment services, not knowing that it was a huge fraud scheme. It’s not as if I got better help on Medicaid. The programs themselves bankrupted me and got me onto Medicaid, and the treatment got worse and worse.

For too long, we have failed to devote the proper resources to mental health care in this country. Every American deserves to have mental health services that are accessible and affordable for them in the communities where they live. As president, I will fight to make this a reality.

If the government was willing to acknowledge complaints against 12-step programs, this would be a huge step forward. Resources should be allocated to acknowledging complaints and dismantling the 12-step fraud instead of promoting 12-step constantly. My website describes many situations where the government did not follow the law and did not do the right thing. The ARISE Intervention creator James Garrett, for example, was charged with five felonies for fraud during the time I attempted to complain about my own similar situation. Not only did Samaritan Counseling refuse to hear my complaint, they banned me from all communications with their nationwide network of state-licensed therapists. James Garrett’s criminal conviction cost him apparently his OASAS license, and yet that was never addressed. I was given a ‘cease and desist’ order by the NYS Office of Professions, for continuing to complain in spite of their refusal to acknowledge the incident as significant. The Department of Health and Human Services has also not acknowledged my complaints and NYS OASAS has not either. It took several months for me to get NYS DoE to even acknowledge publicly that they knew of James Garrett’s death. The ARISE Network has publicly denied his death and never acknowledged it.

I do not trust that Kamala Harris will crack down on this fraud.