OASAS on how to avoid feelings

Here you see another attempt by NYS OASAS to explain away sexual misconduct without ever even mentioning or acknowledging the 12-step cult that is so very central to the whole situation.

So many counselors and clients are victims of this “feeling shaming”. The reality is that people feel most strongly when something is very wrong. You’re simply not allowed to say “AA is bullshit” as an OASAS licensed professional, and a client is not allowed to say that either without some kind of treatment consequence.

It is telling that OASAS cannot seem to mention the 12-step program that is at the core of the organization and so fraught with problems.

I do like this video because they talk about many of the issues I care about, except for the most important one, which is 12-step programs being accepted as legitimate, tax funded mental health care and the role of 12-step in sexual abuse patterns. OASAS is a 12-step organization from top to bottom.

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