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Kamala Harris is a 12-stepper

I would not vote for Kamala Harris. She ignored my complaints about the 12-step industry when I lived in Oakland. I went to food banks giving out rotten food and collected unemployment to survive while the ‘program’ collected Medicaid money for ‘treating’ me, which meant systematically ignoring all of my serious concerns about the 12-step fraud going on in both California and New York at the time. I specifically asked to talk to her, after looking up who might be a representative and who might fight for my interests….and there was no response. To see her promoting these programs which did not help me or anybody else is surreal.

My responses to her thoughts on this:

Ensuring that people have access to these services throughout their lives is an important step in reducing suicide deaths.

These programs made me want to kill myself. The 12-step programs tell people that they are powerless, insane, defective, dishonest, selfish, and don’t have a good relationship with God. If the program doesn’t help you, it is said that you are “constitutionally incapable of being honest…and seem to have been born that way”.

How much money you have should never dictate the quality of care you receive in this country. Under my Medicare for All plan, every American will have access to comprehensive health care that includes mental health and substance abuse services.

I initially was not on Medicaid, but only sought out addiction treatment services, not knowing that it was a huge fraud scheme. It’s not as if I got better help on Medicaid. The programs themselves bankrupted me and got me onto Medicaid, and the treatment got worse and worse.

For too long, we have failed to devote the proper resources to mental health care in this country. Every American deserves to have mental health services that are accessible and affordable for them in the communities where they live. As president, I will fight to make this a reality.

If the government was willing to acknowledge complaints against 12-step programs, this would be a huge step forward. Resources should be allocated to acknowledging complaints and dismantling the 12-step fraud instead of promoting 12-step constantly. My website describes many situations where the government did not follow the law and did not do the right thing. The ARISE Intervention creator James Garrett, for example, was charged with five felonies for fraud during the time I attempted to complain about my own similar situation. Not only did Samaritan Counseling refuse to hear my complaint, they banned me from all communications with their nationwide network of state-licensed therapists. James Garrett’s criminal conviction cost him apparently his OASAS license, and yet that was never addressed. I was given a ‘cease and desist’ order by the NYS Office of Professions, for continuing to complain in spite of their refusal to acknowledge the incident as significant. The Department of Health and Human Services has also not acknowledged my complaints and NYS OASAS has not either. It took several months for me to get NYS DoE to even acknowledge publicly that they knew of James Garrett’s death. The ARISE Network has publicly denied his death and never acknowledged it.

I do not trust that Kamala Harris will crack down on this fraud.

Avoid Samaritan (Solihten) Counseling During the COVID-19 Crisis

Samaritan Counseling Centers are offering telehealth counseling during the COVID-19 novel coronavirus crisis.

Please be very careful about accepting ‘addiction treatment’-related services from Samaritan Counseling. The ‘treatment’ they offer is a fraud scheme.

This site, has documented YEARS of fraud and neglect that could be easily remedied but hasn’t been for very suspicious reasons.

Samaritan Counseling Executive Director David Olsen and Clinical Director Jenness Clairmont instead banned me from all communications with a nationwide network of ‘professionals’. LCSW Oona Edmands has completely neglected her duty as a mandated reporter.

No one at Samaritan Counseling has ever acknowledged the criminal conviction or death of James Garrett, the creator of the 12-step ARISE Intervention who I was repeatedly required to pay over and over again during 6+ months of ignored complaints to Samaritan Counseling.

I made this website hoping that nobody will have to go through the hell that Samaritan Counseling put me through. Involuntary hospitalizations, social shunning, medical fraud and bankruptcy.

Samaritan Counseling seems to have believed that I deserved this kind of treatment for pointing out that Alcoholics Anonymous is an abusive religious cult and that the rehab industry is a scam. They have not acknowledged simple facts, because they are obsessed with profit and religion.

Freedom of Information Law

I’m hoping to get some insight on why New York State Department of Education thinks mishandled transference and 12-step religious coercion by their licensed social workers is not a matter within their jurisdiction.

“Dear Mr. Gleason:

This is to acknowledge receipt of your Freedom of Information Law (FOIL) request for State Education Department (SED) records regarding Samaritan Counseling Center. The reference number for this request is FL-OP-2015/496. Please be advised that you will hear further from the Department by approximately September 11, 2015 as to whether your request will be granted or denied in whole or in part.

SED charges the statutorily permitted fee of $.25 per page for duplication of records requested under FOIL (Public Officers Law §87[1][b][iii]). There is no provision in law or regulation requiring the waiver of this fee. Payment must be made to the NYS Education Department by check or money order. Do not send any payment until you are notified that your request is granted and informed of the charge for your request. If your request is for electronic records and your request is granted, the records will be provided to you in that format.

If your request is granted one of the following will happen:

1. If your request can be filled immediately, and the total duplication fee is under $25.00, staff will forward the requested records to you with a statement of what you owe for the duplication fee. Or:

2. If the total duplication fee for your request is $25.00 or more (100 pages), you will be advised of the page count and duplication fee owed in advance of duplicating the records. Upon receipt of payment, staff will duplicate and mail the requested records. Or:

3. If it will take time to locate and/or duplicate the records you have requested, you will be given a date by which you will be told the page count and duplication fee for your request.


Records Access Officer”

Antipsychotics prescribed for wanting to discuss Alcoholics Anonymous Coercion

Last year I was at work and my boss announced that Robin Williams had committed suicide. I knew a bit about Robin Williams’ because I had heard him talk about AA a lot and use a lot of the AA jargon I knew a lot about after attending meetings for two years and going through the rehab racket myself. I was at the time on antipsychotic/antischizophrenic drugs, like Robin Williams. These drugs are routinely prescribed to people in rehabs and psychiatric wards off-label as ‘mood stabilizers’, and they were prescribed to me to ‘help me stop obsessing’ about the systemic problems of AA that I was not allowed to discuss with any LCSW I knew in NYS. These drugs also are known to cause ‘drug-induced Parkinsonism’ which is symptomatically indistinguishable from Parkinson’s disease. They cause flickered vision, involuntary shaking, in my experience. I told my boss that I knew why he killed himself. “Too much AA”. Why did I think this? Because I was seriously considering suicide myself.

It was no surprise to me that Robin Williams had recently been to rehab at Hazelden (a twelve step rehab), went to an AA meeting after getting out, and then killed himself. It wasn’t surprising to me because 12-step rehab made me want to kill myself. It’s not funny. He wasn’t dishonest, defective, insane, powerless, or selfish. But that’s what they told him he was.

More Letters that Samaritan Counseling Chooses to Ignore

I am addressing this to the HIPAA compliance officer, David Olsen Executive Director, my former therapist, and also Jenness Clairmont the Clinical Director at the time.

I am asking you for a meaningful response to my complaint about 12-step coercion on and your apparent portrayal of me as being not worth speaking to for various reasons (I didn’t use a stamp, I have a ‘personality disorder’, I drank alcohol, my complaint letter about the harmfulness of ‘addiction treatment’ was somehow ‘harassment’, etc).

I am also asking you for my records.

If James Garrett has not shared his records with you as I requested, I am happy to share them with you so that I can have the discussion with XXXX as agreed upon a year and a half ago. I know it took me a few $110 meetings and I was talked out of getting my records from him several times. When I did finally get them from him, it was apparent that there was significant miscommunication going on between you and him about the nature of his services and agreements made.

My intention was to escape ‘addiction treatment’, not to be referred back to it again and again. This lack of response landed me in a psychiatric ward where I was given anti-psychotics to ‘help me stop obsessing about it’ and was told that I somehow broke boundaries with my therapist (asking me questions like “oh, you touched her?”) I am insulted and disgusted by your treatment of me. I did nothing wrong in therapy except open my heart to be told I’m defective and insane.


I have not received any response to this so I am attempting to contact anyone I can at Samaritan and Samaritan Institute Centers country-wide. This is not a personal contact (as I was banned from any personal contact with anyone at the center or its affiliates – I assume this means any Samaritan Institute accredited agency – by David Olsen and Jenness Clairmont after not using a stamp to deliver my letter of concern). This is a sincere business inquiry regarding my concerns about HIPAA violations, censorship, and 12-step coercion. I release my records to anyone who receives this e-mail, because I actually want to discuss this and think that you have a fiduciary responsibility to not censor my feedback.

Was there some administration error that explains why my complaints were removed from my records?

Is 12-step coercion your policy alone or is that something across the board with Samaritan Institute accredited Samaritan Counseling Centers? If so, you should let clients know that before they spend a year thinking that they may have had a choice about it, so that they can provide informed consent. Also, you should address a complaint about 12-step coercion because if you don’t, it leaves the client wondering why you don’t care about the effects of this kind of ‘treatment’.

Proper follow-up to a complaint about 12-step coercion is not termination-referral to a 12-step interventionist.

Please give me a call or e-mail and we can discuss this serious problem.

You can see my website for more information about this case.

Again, I release my records to anyone who receives this e-mail, and would like to discuss them with someone at Samaritan Counseling. I can provide copies of my complaint letters if they have been discarded before or after the NYS Office of Professions investigation.

Looking forward to your response,


I have not received any response to this. Please explain why my complaints were removed from my records.