Not Anonymous

I am blogging about Alcoholics Anonymous coercion in therapy because I think it is a clear violation of Ethics Codes for state-licensed social workers to be proselytizing a religion for the treatment of alcohol use disorder, and I am not going to be afraid to attach my name to this complaint. I think this is a scam very similar to Scientology in its level of corruption, and in fact, Scientology has its own anti-science faith-healing rehab scam, called Narconon.

Many people are not aware of the problem with rehabs (which is that most of them are based on a religion called the 12-steps and have no proof of efficacy). They may be aware of the idea of drug rehabilitation centers and people in their lives who died after rehab or celebrities they’ve read about who ‘failed’ at rehab, but they may not realize that the rehab industry is a highly corrupt, fraudulent, and abusive racket.

I share my own experience and what I’ve learned from others on this blog to inform the public and state licensing boards about the problems with allowing state-licensed professional social workers to engage in the practice of ‘two-hatting’, which is using their position to proselytize a religion that has manipulated social accountability systems to become the $35 billion dollar/year ‘rehab’ industry.

I will publish critical links by real people with real names, and I will call out two-hatters by name here.

Tom Gleason
Oakland, California
Jun 29, 2015

Calling Out AA in Social Work