Oona Edmands is sorry… but not for Samaritan (Solihten) Counseling’s 12-step Coercion

In response to the Shambala sexual harassment issue, Oona Edmands says:

“I believe you completely. […] I am sorry that I have been a leader in a bystander group and that this group that has not had the courage to come forward and offer empathy, which has made my attempts to be an ally confounded by my ties. I have publicly cut those ties. I am sorry that I have parroted the language of devotional enabling that keeps people in these high demand groups and encourages them to give their power, money and time away. I will continue to speak out and use my influence in my community to raise awareness. I wish you healing.” von Oona Edmands 8.2.2019

I wish she would say the same to me. I lost faith in religion and basic human decency when I was terminated by Oona Edmands, who is a leader in the Nyingma cult (aka “Buddhism”).

She has not acknowledged the psychological abuse and medical fraud of the 12-step cult detailed on this website. She has not acknowledged the fraud scheme she forced me into, which led to great suffering, suicidal ideation and bankruptcy. She has not publicly cut ties with the 12-step organization, but has rather supported David Olsen’s and Jenness Clairmont’s cult-like excommunication of me from any further communication with Samaritan/Solihten Counseling Centers and flippant deletion of any complaints.

I wish Oona Edmands would acknowledge James Garrett’s criminal conviction and the psychological abuse of the 12-step industry.

My last memories of Samaritan Counseling are of Oona Edmands laughing at me while I tried to explain the fraud, Jenness Clairmont telling me on the phone that she would not be meeting me to discuss James Garrett’s records, and David Olsen telling me that my complaints were not going to be included in my medical records, while his 12-step referrals were.

You are wasting your time, money, and power at Samaritan (Solihten) Counseling.