NYS Finally Closes LCSW License for ARISE Intervention Creator James Garrett



Oh, what a tangled web! They started by telling me I wasn’t being forced into AA, and through a snowball of lies ended up denying that this guy was dead or that he wrote the book on how to force people into AA. It wasn’t until the state police got involved that NYS Office of Professions even acknowledged knowing he passed away, and then it took more effort to get them to update public records, which they did not think was important.

NYS Office of Professions and ARISE Network still suggest that this may not be the author of Invitational Intervention and have not confirmed that he indeed wrote that book and was charged with five felonies. NYS OASAS has not explained why there is no record of him ever having a NYS CASAC license online. I think that there was an attempt to quietly remove him from OASAS records. He was a licensed CASAC before the felony charges and my complaints.