Avoid Samaritan (Solihten) Counseling During the COVID-19 Crisis

Samaritan Counseling Centers are offering telehealth counseling during the COVID-19 novel coronavirus crisis.

Please be very careful about accepting ‘addiction treatment’-related services from Samaritan Counseling. The ‘treatment’ they offer is a fraud scheme.

This site, notpowerless.com has documented YEARS of fraud and neglect that could be easily remedied but hasn’t been for very suspicious reasons.

Samaritan Counseling Executive Director David Olsen and Clinical Director Jenness Clairmont instead banned me from all communications with a nationwide network of ‘professionals’. LCSW Oona Edmands has completely neglected her duty as a mandated reporter.

No one at Samaritan Counseling has ever acknowledged the criminal conviction or death of James Garrett, the creator of the 12-step ARISE Intervention who I was repeatedly required to pay over and over again during 6+ months of ignored complaints to Samaritan Counseling.

I made this website hoping that nobody will have to go through the hell that Samaritan Counseling put me through. Involuntary hospitalizations, social shunning, medical fraud and bankruptcy.

Samaritan Counseling seems to have believed that I deserved this kind of treatment for pointing out that Alcoholics Anonymous is an abusive religious cult and that the rehab industry is a scam. They have not acknowledged simple facts, because they are obsessed with profit and religion.