Strong Families Schenectady

I just attempted to contact Strong Families Schenectady to ask them how I could mend a relationship problem with my sister over what agreements were made in a therapy session with David Olsen and XXXX of Samaritan Counseling Center. I thought I agreed to try rehab (again) if my therapist was able to communicate with the providers and I could talk to her, but all the 12-steppers (including my family member) can’t seem to remember that or make any sense of why it bothered me that the agreement disappeared. The way I remember it, I went through about five months of finding a rehab (rejecting the $17,000 one), getting terminated from an outpatient rehab because it wasn’t helpful and it was costing me $265/week (I did eventually end up with a discount for out-of-pocket payment) for one 1.5 hr group session which one counselor decided was unethical (they were used to billing Medicaid), and seeing an ‘addiction specialist’ for $110/week without ever being able to talk to my therapist about the misinformation she received (such as that my termination from the rehab was about ‘noncompliance’ and that ‘seeing her would distract me from my recovery’). It felt like some serious triangulation. I’m hoping they’ll get back to me shortly with an answer. It felt like being isolated in a 12-step trap with no way out.


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