Straight Incorporated

Why is the New York State Office of Professions not acknowledging any problem with the 12-step programs and 12-step referrals? I think not wanting to be involved with two-hatters is more than just a personal matter between therapist and client, as NYS Office of Professions Supervising Investigator Michael Kinley tried to tell me. I think it’s a big systemic problem and a lot of people are flat out lying about what they do and censoring the truth.

I should have sent these letters to the supervising investigator. I can only do so much.

Straight Inc letters

Straight, Inc.

I also don’t understand why my Yelp accounts would be removed just because I said I don’t like that Samaritan pushes 12-step programs, which they DO and that’s just a fact.

This is not what I expected from faith-based counseling.