Demanding Apologies from NYS OASAS for Using the F-word About Father Peter Young Industries

Here on Capital Tonight is a heated debate about using the F-word between 12-stepper OASAS Chief Counsel Robert Kent and 12-stepper Father Peter Young, with neither of them involved in the actual discussion. There is a side of this debate that is not even being recognized, and has nothing to do with anybody using the F-word.

Why apologize for being upset by bullshit?

Father Peter Young halfway house exec charged

Ex-official of Schenectady nonprofit sentenced for theft

Investigation crippling Schenectady-based ministry

Schenectady charity official facing charges

“Hello Representative McLaughlin,

As a former resident of Albany NY, I have to speak out against any state funding of 12-step programs, because it is a violation of the Establishment Clause. I was an OASAS client, and witnessed 12-step coercion among OASAS and OMH employees that brought political battles into my personal therapy. I was terminated and banned from all communications with my therapist over this issue, because after two years of AA meetings and ‘treatment’, I decided that I did not want to be involved in turning my will and my money over to 12-step programs anymore. This is an issue of religious indoctrination, comparable to Scientology corruption but bigger. Probably bigger than the Catholic Church sex scandals. It needs to be addressed in discussions like this. I watched your interview with Liz Benjamin, and was upset that, again, this issue is very much about 12-step but nobody ever mentions very fundamental issues with the program.

Here are some examples of letters I’ve sent from myself and others, including a petition with over 150 signatures.…/

See here:

and which is a documentary about systemic fraud and lack of accountability in the 12-step programs and features an Albany judge.

and which explains how widespread this problem is which goes beyond money and insurance issues, but to basic human decency. I’ve met many people who have such similar concerns and are being completely ignored by the government agencies they are supposed to be able to trust.

I have written to the Department of Health and Human Services, OMH, State Education Department, Office of Professional Discipline, Samaritan Institute, Attorney General, Inspector General, Justice Center, and have largely got complete non-responses.

I don’t think this is about Kent using the F-word. There is a much deeper discussion to be had than decorum. When complaints are being deleted and ignored, people do get mad. I’m personally furious at the lack of concern for my very legitimate complaints and investigations into this matter on my blog. I’ve made my case over and over again for almost three years now, and because I got angry at one point, I’ve been banned from all communications with a long-time therapist. I am not about to apologize for being upset by this treatment racket that is leaving people dead and sweeping evidence under the rug.

Tom Gleason”