After Two and a Half years, this complaint is disregarded by New York State

The last complaint to New York State Department of Education Office of Professions (the licensing board). The investigator told me that he called my therapist and she just denied everything, so he said it’s a ‘he said she said’ thing. He also told me ‘We don’t look into the AA thing”.


SilverSamaritan (PDF)

I am writing in support of my brother (PDF 2nd Letter)

So, there are two letters explaining just how much has gone ignored by Samaritan Counseling, Samaritan Institute, New York State Licensing Board (which is staffed by the Clinical Director of Samaritan Counseling at the time), and the Justice Center. For anybody who thinks this is an isolated incident, like I initially thought it must be, please consider the following comments found on a FaceBook post about two Hope House employees getting arrested within the same week for having sex with rehab clients:



The pattern is clear and should not be ignored. It is a product of 12-step culture. Invoking high-school-level “addicts are con artists” or “only sometimes honest with themselves and others” after having some fun with them doesn’t fly when you’re supposed to be a treatment provider. People have basic human rights and deserve to be taken seriously, and Medicaid and insurance shouldn’t be paying for the “Spiritual Recovery” Dating Game.