Another Email to ARISE Interventionist’s Website

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Hi Kelly,

I was looking around ARISE’s website again today, and wanted to touch base on some other concerns I now have. Although it was beyond great that the 12 Step reference was removed from the Intervention Page, I am concerned that this may be misleading.

On this page for Information for Families, the only support groups listed are 12 Step supports (Alcoholics Anonymous, Narcotics Anonymous, etc.) They are mentioned by name and linked to their information. I am concerned because families will not learn about SMART Recovery, SOS, Women for Sobriety, LifeRing, and other supports.

Can these other supports be included as one of several “appropriate support groups” that ARISE now claims on their Intervention Page? Also, the longer list of links (here- ) does not include SMART Recovery, etc.

Here are their links to make updating ARISE’s website more efficient, also in SEO, search engines, etc, listing these organizations will drive more traffic to ARISE. So it’s really a benefit for ARISE to offer these links:

I appreciate ARISE’s continued commitment to provide outstanding, quality care to each person they help, and each family they help. However, to fail to mention alternatives to 12-Step supports is a hindrance to recovery to individuals who do not benefit from those groups. Also, to favor “some” non-profit 501(c) businesses and not others is favoritism, and this should be at the very least acknowledged, even if ARISE prefers the 12 Step organizations, it is the right, decent, humane thing to do to list the other support groups.

Thank you,