Fraud on the Court in Physician’s Health Services Case


“It has recently become quite clear that attorney Deb Stoller, Director of the Board of Registration in Medicine’s Physician Health and Compliance Unit, has been unethically and unlawfully withholding and concealing evidence detrimental to Physician Health Services (PHS) and exculpatory for me. She has essentially been concealing their crimes.

“The “Administrative Record” filed by the Board was absent copious documentation of major importance and all of it was submitted through the care of Ms. Stoller. The missing documents include multiple petitions and supporting documents that are neither irrelevant nor superfluous. Each of these documents contains sufficient indicia of reliability to meet probative value.Concealing material fact, misrepresentation and making false statements to a state administrative agency is unethical. It constitutes abuse of power and fraud.” – Disrupted Physician