New MedScape Article on Important 1st Amendment Case – Appeal Being Made to Massachusetts Supreme Court

New details have emerged in the apparent refusal by the Mass Board of Medicine to fairly settle OR prosecute a case involving clear evidence of forensic fraud and Establishment Clause / human rights violations, and professional extortion.

The patterns are clear and have been widely ignored by professionals and state-related authorities who are themselves subject to these patterns of regulatory capture. It is likely that adequate resolution will need to involve the US Supreme Court and or an FBI RICO investigation.

Embattled Doc Suffers Another Setback in PHS Fight (Medscape Jan 2017)

Physicians Health Programs: More Harm than Good? (earlier Medscape article by Pauline Anderson, Aug 2015)

“Dr Recupero also notes that “almost without exception,” Dr Langan’s test findings have been below the minimum level to declare a test positive and that positive findings “are not a sign of relapse.”

“Dr Langan said that since it suspended his medical license, the board has “engaged in a persistent pattern of ignoring my every reasonable effort at trying to be reinstated” and has “abused the administrative law process to accomplish this.”

“A memorandum to the Supreme Judicial Court, filed May 13, 2016, proposed a settlement between Dr Langan and the board. In return for the immediate reinstatement of Dr Langan’s license, he would be monitored for a maximum of 3 months by Dr Recupero and Timothy E. Wilens, MD, codirector of the Center for Addiction Medicine at MGH.”

“That memorandum was accompanied by letters from Dr Recupero and Dr Wilens agreeing to the terms, but according to Dr Langan, it has been “ignored.””

“The board did not acknowledge or address the proposals in any way,” said Dr Langan.”