Not exactly the response I was hoping for

Here’s my latest letter from David Olsen who still refuses to acknowledge any problems with the 12-step ‘treatment’, which includes getting people to detail their sex lives and then going no-contact if they think this did not help resolve an alcohol problem.

This is not exactly the response I was hoping for. I was hoping that they would acknowledge my complaints and concerns about 12-step coercion, the problems with the rehab industry, and tell me that they would be looking into this. That would make me happy and make me feel like they listened and that they might not do this again to someone else.

I’m concerned about the people getting psychologically and financially abused, extorted, raped, murdered, mistreated, etc, and I don’t like this concern to be treated as ‘denial’, belligerence, ‘bullshitting’, ‘taking them for a ride’, ‘harassment’, or however else they want to attempt to undermine and invalidate my attempts to communicate.

They should acknowledge a systemic problem that led to my therapist fearing for her job security and me becoming suicidal, all because this stupid cult religion which is ‘treatment’ that is ‘not treatment’ cannot be criticized.

Instead, they estimated an invoice for $9.75 for copies of my complaints, which I had asked to be amended (after they were removed) according to my right to request that via HIPAA laws.