Questions for ARISE Interventionists

Name: Juliet Abram

I’m interested in: General Inquiry

If general inquiry, please specify.: I have a few quick questions. On this page:

Shouldn’t ARISE also include SMART Recovery, SOS, LifeRing, Women for Sobriety, Moderation Management, HAMS or some other supports instead of just the 12 Step programs? If ARISE can help 61% stay clean for a year and 10% use less— wouldn’t those numbers improve by applying more support group options?

Last question: It’s written on the same page- “The addicted individual is invited to join the process right from the beginning with no surprises, no secrets, no coercion, and absolute respect and love.” — And it’s also written: “At this meeting serious consequences are put in place if the addicted individual does not enter treatment.”

Isn’t that essentially “coercion” to demand anyone to participate in highly religious 12 Step programs? If 83% go to the treatment, maybe the other 17% aren’t refusing help but they’re refusing 12 Step programs? I’m sure ARISE is familiar enough with the 12 Steps to understand those steps don’t treat the addict with love and respect at all— in fact, those 12 Steps say they’re powerless and blame them for being addicts. They must list all of their defects of character and accept blame even in situations where they are not wrong (like if they’ve been robbed or raped.) The AA literature is sexist and demeans women. On top of all that, none of the 12 Step programs have rules against sexual harassment so “13 Stepping” happens, which means the older members make unwanted sexual advancements on new members. And if the new member criticizes the person hurting them, they’re told to “take their own inventory.:

The other programs I’ve listed treat each addict with dignity and respect, and many also use evidence based practices like CBT.

I urge this business to edit the intervention page and include the other forms of help that are out there. Because ARISE is supposed to bring the best standard of care to the addict, not just a partial list of options.

Thanks for your time,

Juliet Abram