The 13th Step Documentary in San Francisco


Here’s a picture of me with Monica Richardson (who made a film about predatory abuse in AA called The 13th Step) and Ken Ragge (author of More Revealed and The Real AA) at the Voiceless International Film Festival in San Francisco. I hope mental health workers stop referring people to AA, because it’s going to get them sued. One purpose of this blog is to encourage people to complain to the Department of Health, state licensing boards, and two-hatter therapists about 12-step coercion and hopefully get some litigators interested in getting a piece of the fraudulent $35 billion dollar rehab industry this way.


Thanks to the people of the Voiceless International Film Festival who were brave enough to view and show this documentary detailing systemic fraud, sexual and financial abuse and negligence issues in 12-step programs and the 12-step industry.

I hope everyone will be able to see this movie soon, as they have finally cleared the legal blocks to getting wider distribution. 12-steppers shamefully go to any lengths to try to suppress this kind of information, which may actually help so many people. After seeing this movie, you will never want to put another buck in the basket.

Monica is a genius, because she has realized that big media exposure and litigation is the only way to hold Alcoholics Anonymous accountable for the damage they are doing and the information they actively work to hide. This is not easy to accomplish, but it is not impossible. She is pursuing those goals tenaciously and unapologetically on behalf of people who have been raped, murdered, extorted, psychologically abused, scammed, or coerced and then ignored by members and employees of this 501(c)3 organization and its business arm, the rehab industry.

Yes, AA is being sued right now for their willful negligence, and they will lose in a big way.