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How can New York State not know whether their licensed providers are alive or not? suggests that James A Garrett of Averill Park died July 11,2017. The obituary says that he “start[ed] multiple successful businesses in the addiction and recovery field and helping countless people better their lives through counselling and creation of new recovery pathways”

I have only found one James Garrett LCSW on the NYS Office of Professions website, and no record of him on the OASAS website.

This website documents my complaints about treatment at Recovery Resource Center in Albany. It has included my own medical records suggesting that a provider by the name of James Garrett ‘treated’ me as Samaritan Counseling‘s preferred addiction treatment ‘expert’, and documented concerns about his treatment model called the ARISE Intervention.

The problem is that in September of 2017, the ARISE Intervention Network tweeted to me that my complaints must have involved another person by the same name. They said it was a case of ‘mistaken identity’. I had recently exposed that James Garrett was charged with five felonies for fraud in another case, endured a 2 year suspension of his license in 2001 for “admit[ting] to charge of having been convicted of Criminal Facilitation in the Fourth Degree, a Class A Misdemeanor”, and had published my own medical records suggesting that he was suppressing complaints and extorting me.



I contacted the NYS Office of Professions to try to discern whether I was indeed mistaken about who I’ve been talking about for years now. The Office of Professions’ response was:

“That licensee is currently registered, but we have no way of knowing whether or not he is still alive. He could have passed away since the last time he registered (2016). Sometimes the family notifies us of a death, but we have no way of knowing if no one notifies us.

NYS Education Department
Office of the Professions
Division of Professional Licensing Services”

I then said:

“I am notifying you of a concern about this licensee’s health status (alive or dead). Do you have no family contact information to verify and update your records?
Tom Gleason”

“No. We do not collect or maintain information on licensees families.
NYS Education Department”

“You can’t even attempt to contact him directly?
Tom Gleason”

“To determine if he is dead or alive, no.

The conversation went on a bit, her telling me that this was for the Office of Professional Discipline to handle, but when I asked her to forward my concerns, she told me that I could not use her inbox to circumvent the cease and desist order that NYS Office of Professional Discipline has against me, and that she would not forward my concerns.

Today I tried to call James Garrett directly, but found the number published on his website is a fax machine. I have asked the Office of Professions if they have any contact information for their currently licensed LCSW, so that I can hear his voice and verify that he is alive, as the ARISE Network says.

Further attempts to prove his death resulted in statements from the Office of Professions: “Birth and death records are NOT public records and their confidentiality is protected by New York State Public Health Law. Vital Records are not subject to the provisions of the Freedom of Information Law (FOIL) and are not subject to public inspection.”

…which I took to mean that even if I can provide a death certificate, they will not accept that as evidence of his death. Also, that if I filed a FOIL request, I would not get access to information about whether NYS Office of Professions or any related agency like OASAS knows that James Garrett is in fact dead.

It seems that NYS Office of Professions may never have to acknowledge his death, which is kind of strange, considering that the ARISE Network is using this to confuse and deflect from facts about their treatment.

New Anti-AA Video Podcast: Not Powerless #1 – Regulatory Capture and 12-Step Extortion

Here is a key document (that I couldn’t find during the live podcast). In my post Social Work Licensing in New York, I question whether the Capital Tonight interviewee was referring to this document when she said “2002 was the first time we tried to regulate the spoken word as treatment”. I have never got any verification about what specifically she was referring to when she said that.

Local Services Bulletin No. 2002-05: Impact of Recent Federal Court Decision Concerning Alcoholics Anonymous
On Government Funded Providers
(broken link) It appears that this bulletin has been relocated here where it doesn’t mention that this happened in way back in 2002.

New Denial

Just received this letter from the Department of Health and Human Services Office for Civil Rights. Here is the document they refer to and I haven’t the time to analyze it right now

“In your complaint, you allege that on or about July 18, 2015, the Center denied your request that your medical records be amended to include complaints, the content of which are available on your online blog”

On the one hand I’m happy that they have apparently seen my blog and also directed me to the specific laws they considered (which I did not have the HIPAA expertise to find specifically). A prior complaint directed me to the laws near what I found to be 12-step extortion written into professional licensing law New York State Office of Professions is entangled with Alcoholics Anonymous

On the other hand, they don’t seem to have noticed that the whole point of my complaint about the HIPAA request for amendment (of my complaints to my medical records) is that it should not be necessary to post your private medical records online to make a point. Any professional I might see in the future should be able to see that I made serious complaints if they were to review my historical medical records (they would NOT see any of my complaints, to be clear), and should not have to go on a (probably illegal) cyberstalking expedition to my blog to learn the facts about my case.

Establishment Clause Violation Heard By Mass Supreme Judicial Court May 2, 2017

DisruptedPhysician v. Mass Board of Registration in Medicine ( archive)

(79 MB MP4)


Mass Supreme Court Docket (Public Information on DisruptedPhysician v Mass Board of Registration in Medicine) author and victim of 12-step extortion presented arguments to the Supreme Court of Massachusetts May 2. He notes the blocking mechanisms that prevent evidence from even being seen, absurd denial of facts, and in my opinion clear racketeering crimes (that need a RICO investigation), going without any judicial scrutiny.

This is not an isolated case. It is systemic and will affect you or someone you know if action is not taken to stop it, NOW! You can donate to support Dr. Langan and read comments from the people who’ve supported him here.

Podcast by Dr. Langan about the issue, where you can hear directly why this is important:

Episode 1 Treatment Racket

Episode 2 Treatment v Punishment

May 10 – New Motion to notify Justices of Fraud on the Court by Assistant Attorney General Bertram

In the May 2nd arguments, Assistant Attorney General Bertram knowingly misrepresented the existing facts to the court, introducing himself to his own potential legal issues. Michael Langan is not going to let these misrepresentations go unknown, and has filed Petition for Judicial Notice of Fraud on the Court (PDF)









Here is the problem — regulatory capture — which I’ve been documenting on this website, related to the control over licensing of professionals exerted by 12-step members. The reason why doctor/nurse extortion here is so pivotal is that they are the ‘nodes’ of health treatment. If we only have doctors that recommend a religious cult or are in constant fear of retaliation for resisting it, there is no hope of finding an ethical health service provider, especially now that the 12-step industry is forcing insurance companies and government insurance to pay for their fraud. See ‘parity’, and how these 12-step providers are grooming people to demand funding to providers for treatment that is clearly not helping them.

“As a devout Catholic Jesuit, Petitioner believes fully in the power within and does not subscribe to any philosophy of personal helplessness or displacement of blame for one’s own volitional acts.

“Petitioner disagreed fully with the spiritual underpinnings and overt religiosity of the AA 12-step program and suffered great anguish within from being coerced to attend.

“Petitioner did participate without missing a single meeting but repeatedly applied to the Agency to participate in a secular version instead that would not jar so severely with his own deeply-held religious beliefs.

“Petitioner was also required to submit to frequent drug tests ($400-600 per month) at his personal expense which were totally unnecessary and with not one iota of real evidence in the record to support their coerced use.

“The Agency declared in response that he refused to participate in the specified religion-based program required by this Agency, that he violated its order and suspended his license in February 2013.

“This government agency has blocked Petitioner’s ability to earn a living ever since and even after having been informed repeatedly by numerous experts and organizations that it is in willful violation of the Establishment Clause.

“But for Petitioner’s loyalty to the founding principles of the United States, which this government Agency has been proved to not share, he would have silently capitulated to crude and overwhelming government power and participated in the specific religion-based program chosen for him by the government, without raising any concerns.

“That Petitioner chose to consistently bring this Agency’s violation of the Establishment Clause of the First Amendment to the u.s. Constitution to its attention at the risk of becoming homeless is undeniable testament to his fidelity to the founding principles and the Constitution of the United States and to his own identity as an American, an identity unfortunately not shared by this Agency’s Debra Stoller, Robert Harvey, George zachos or Assistant AG Bertram. “

Additional Documents:

Clean Hair and Nail Tests

Extortionist Letter of Agreement [where attempts to negotiate would result in license suspension] PDF

Secular Substance Abuse Treatment for MA Doctors (Humanist Legal Association argument against Establishment Clause violations by PHS) PDF

Mass Board of Registration in Medicine’s response [that they will not present the Establishment Clause information to the board] PDF

Alternative Proposed Monitoring Plan Ignored by Mass Board of Registration in Medicine

Assistant Attorney General Bertram’s response to Petition for Judicial Notice of Fraud on the Court (PDF)

Arguments about AA meeting attendance in 2012 that are somehow relevant today

Petition for Rehearing 6_26_17

Public Records Request ml

What contract?

This was shortly after being terminated from the 12-step outpatient rehab for complaining about the cost of drug tests and step one worksheets. That was never acknowledged by Samaritan Counseling Center of the Capital Region. Months later, they said my claims to have done those things were ‘contradictory’ (regardless of the fact that I can prove I was there and paid Saint Peters Addiction Recovery Center (SPARC) a lot of money and the most recent interaction before I was terminated from there was with a young counselor who asked me if I could get sober ‘for her’ and had me draw a picture of what ‘powerlessness’ looked like. I drew a dead man.). In the first few months of this nightmare, I was required to go to an inpatient 12-step rehab, and refused.

“Case discussion with Oona Edmands: agreed that Tom will need to have two months of sobriety and weekly sessions with me before he could see Oona Edmands.” – James Garrett 3/17/14



“See me once a month for ‘trust building’ sessions and get approval to have appointment with Oona Edmands after two months” – James Garrett 3/26/14

(at this point my trust of him was rapidly declining after nearly a year of jumping through his increasingly expensive hoops).

Why was my therapist being encouraged to not speak to me if I didn’t do 12-step treatment (I actually already know the answer, and it has to do with James Garrett realizing I was attached to her and realizing he could use that as leverage. He wrote a whole book about doing that. and you can see the reviews here.) and you can see that he was at the time charged with five felonies for this kind of nonsense here. I clearly said to her that I wanted to be done with Saint Peters Addiction Recovery Center and James Garrett’s nonsense and wanted to speak to her about it, and yet James Garrett and David Olsen both seem to have insisted that 12-step was some kind of requirement for me to resume therapy. I never was allowed to tell her what happened in the treatment she recommended, because they created this game where she was supposed to shun any contact with me until and unless I was ‘in recovery’ (which had nothing to do with drinking and everything to do with being ‘in’ AA/rehab).

I’ve been trying to express this scenario in different ways for about three years now and the NYS Education Department said that pretty much nothing I say makes any sense. So I’ve kept trying to make sense, pinpointing themes like emotional extortion, gaslighting, and coercion.

“Tough-love programs often ritualize emotional testimonies and require testimony about conversion experiences as a prerequisite for release from treatment. Because there is no scientific evidence to validate the safety and efficacy of coercive methods, these anecdotes are the “hook” that this multi-billion dollar industry is built upon.” – Setting the Record Straight

Here you can see that those

‘recommendations’ were actually requirements for therapy at Samaritan Counseling, something I wasn’t aware of (I had thought those were negotiable) until the point I was terminated.


I continued to see James Garrett and try to negotiate to be ‘allowed’ to speak to the therapist about this ‘preferred treatment’ that she recommended for about a full year before terminating me with suicidal ideation and the ‘boundary issues’ of wanting to discuss the treatment she insisted I engage in for the ‘possibility’ of having my complaints acknowledged. I never did get to tell her about what happened in the treatment. In fact, my letter attempting to explain the situation got me a response from the Clinical Director Jenness Clairmont (who now promotes Gamblers Anonymous) and Executive Director David Olsen “to inform you that under no circumstances will any further personal contact with the center, its satellites or its personnel be allowable.”

Apparently, James Garrett thinks my attempts to complain about this are ‘Axis 2′ behavior. What I would like is for Oona Edmands to acknowledge that agreements were made and that the way I was being treated under the direction of David Olsen and James Garrett (both confirmed 12-steppers) was unreasonable and weird.




I’ve spent the last three years of my life trying to understand why nobody in NYS Government seems to see the problem here.

Demanding Apologies from NYS OASAS for Using the F-word About Father Peter Young Industries

Here on Capital Tonight is a heated debate about using the F-word between 12-stepper OASAS Chief Counsel Robert Kent and 12-stepper Father Peter Young, with neither of them involved in the actual discussion. There is a side of this debate that is not even being recognized, and has nothing to do with anybody using the F-word.

Why apologize for being upset by bullshit?

Father Peter Young halfway house exec charged

Ex-official of Schenectady nonprofit sentenced for theft

Investigation crippling Schenectady-based ministry

Schenectady charity official facing charges

“Hello Representative McLaughlin,

As a former resident of Albany NY, I have to speak out against any state funding of 12-step programs, because it is a violation of the Establishment Clause. I was an OASAS client, and witnessed 12-step coercion among OASAS and OMH employees that brought political battles into my personal therapy. I was terminated and banned from all communications with my therapist over this issue, because after two years of AA meetings and ‘treatment’, I decided that I did not want to be involved in turning my will and my money over to 12-step programs anymore. This is an issue of religious indoctrination, comparable to Scientology corruption but bigger. Probably bigger than the Catholic Church sex scandals. It needs to be addressed in discussions like this. I watched your interview with Liz Benjamin, and was upset that, again, this issue is very much about 12-step but nobody ever mentions very fundamental issues with the program.

Here are some examples of letters I’ve sent from myself and others, including a petition with over 150 signatures.…/

See here:

and which is a documentary about systemic fraud and lack of accountability in the 12-step programs and features an Albany judge.

and which explains how widespread this problem is which goes beyond money and insurance issues, but to basic human decency. I’ve met many people who have such similar concerns and are being completely ignored by the government agencies they are supposed to be able to trust.

I have written to the Department of Health and Human Services, OMH, State Education Department, Office of Professional Discipline, Samaritan Institute, Attorney General, Inspector General, Justice Center, and have largely got complete non-responses.

I don’t think this is about Kent using the F-word. There is a much deeper discussion to be had than decorum. When complaints are being deleted and ignored, people do get mad. I’m personally furious at the lack of concern for my very legitimate complaints and investigations into this matter on my blog. I’ve made my case over and over again for almost three years now, and because I got angry at one point, I’ve been banned from all communications with a long-time therapist. I am not about to apologize for being upset by this treatment racket that is leaving people dead and sweeping evidence under the rug.

Tom Gleason”

Response (or non-reponse) from New York State Inspector General

I kind of had hopes that there was someone to complain to. This makes me sad. Unless OMH executive management sees a problem with OASAS providers, this isn’t going to go anywhere. Yes, they referred my complaint about OMH to OMH. Maybe it will go a little higher up to people who haven’t heard about it before. I don’t know.


Cease and Desist

Looking up “Cease and desist” I found this

Apparently I am being threatened by NYS government with a lawsuit for filing legitimate complaints and further complaining that those complaints have been ignored. Jenness Clairmont, the former Clinical Director of Samaritan Counseling, is on that board.

“A cease and desist letter is a document sent to an individual or business to halt purportedly illegal activity (“cease”) and not take it up again later (“desist”). The letter may warn that if the recipient does not discontinue specified conduct, or take certain actions, by deadlines set in the letter, that party may be sued.”


And here is what the OPD said to me after that: