Establishment Clause Violation Heard By Mass Supreme Judicial Court May 2, 2017

DisruptedPhysician v. Mass Board of Registration in Medicine ( archive)

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Mass Supreme Court Docket (Public Information on DisruptedPhysician v Mass Board of Registration in Medicine) author and victim of 12-step extortion presented arguments to the Supreme Court of Massachusetts May 2. He notes the blocking mechanisms that prevent evidence from even being seen, absurd denial of facts, and in my opinion clear racketeering crimes (that need a RICO investigation), going without any judicial scrutiny.

This is not an isolated case. It is systemic and will affect you or someone you know if action is not taken to stop it, NOW! You can donate to support Dr. Langan and read comments from the people who’ve supported him here.

Podcast by Dr. Langan about the issue, where you can hear directly why this is important:

Episode 1 Treatment Racket

Episode 2 Treatment v Punishment

May 10 – New Motion to notify Justices of Fraud on the Court by Assistant Attorney General Bertram

In the May 2nd arguments, Assistant Attorney General Bertram knowingly misrepresented the existing facts to the court, introducing himself to his own potential legal issues. Michael Langan is not going to let these misrepresentations go unknown, and has filed Petition for Judicial Notice of Fraud on the Court (PDF)









Here is the problem — regulatory capture — which I’ve been documenting on this website, related to the control over licensing of professionals exerted by 12-step members. The reason why doctor/nurse extortion here is so pivotal is that they are the ‘nodes’ of health treatment. If we only have doctors that recommend a religious cult or are in constant fear of retaliation for resisting it, there is no hope of finding an ethical health service provider, especially now that the 12-step industry is forcing insurance companies and government insurance to pay for their fraud. See ‘parity’, and how these 12-step providers are grooming people to demand funding to providers for treatment that is clearly not helping them.

“As a devout Catholic Jesuit, Petitioner believes fully in the power within and does not subscribe to any philosophy of personal helplessness or displacement of blame for one’s own volitional acts.

“Petitioner disagreed fully with the spiritual underpinnings and overt religiosity of the AA 12-step program and suffered great anguish within from being coerced to attend.

“Petitioner did participate without missing a single meeting but repeatedly applied to the Agency to participate in a secular version instead that would not jar so severely with his own deeply-held religious beliefs.

“Petitioner was also required to submit to frequent drug tests ($400-600 per month) at his personal expense which were totally unnecessary and with not one iota of real evidence in the record to support their coerced use.

“The Agency declared in response that he refused to participate in the specified religion-based program required by this Agency, that he violated its order and suspended his license in February 2013.

“This government agency has blocked Petitioner’s ability to earn a living ever since and even after having been informed repeatedly by numerous experts and organizations that it is in willful violation of the Establishment Clause.

“But for Petitioner’s loyalty to the founding principles of the United States, which this government Agency has been proved to not share, he would have silently capitulated to crude and overwhelming government power and participated in the specific religion-based program chosen for him by the government, without raising any concerns.

“That Petitioner chose to consistently bring this Agency’s violation of the Establishment Clause of the First Amendment to the u.s. Constitution to its attention at the risk of becoming homeless is undeniable testament to his fidelity to the founding principles and the Constitution of the United States and to his own identity as an American, an identity unfortunately not shared by this Agency’s Debra Stoller, Robert Harvey, George zachos or Assistant AG Bertram. “

Additional Documents:

Clean Hair and Nail Tests

Extortionist Letter of Agreement [where attempts to negotiate would result in license suspension] PDF

Secular Substance Abuse Treatment for MA Doctors (Humanist Legal Association argument against Establishment Clause violations by PHS) PDF

Mass Board of Registration in Medicine’s response [that they will not present the Establishment Clause information to the board] PDF

Alternative Proposed Monitoring Plan Ignored by Mass Board of Registration in Medicine

Assistant Attorney General Bertram’s response to Petition for Judicial Notice of Fraud on the Court (PDF)

Arguments about AA meeting attendance in 2012 that are somehow relevant today

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